La Residenza service apartments - Lugano - holiday home

Lugano service apartments: the perfect holiday home all year round.


Are you looking for a holiday home in Lugano or Canton Ticino? Would you like to rent a service apartment just a short walk from the lake and five minutes from the city centre, surrounded by trees, quiet and peaceful and also with tennis courts and the Lido nearby?


A view from ferienhaus La Residenza, in Lugano


A holiday apartment in an area packed with itineraries for magnificent walks but also very close to delicious restaurants and shopping districts. La Residenza is the ideal choice for the perfect holiday home.


La Residenza service apartments - Lugano - holiday home


What is the best season to rent a holiday home in Lugano? It would be no exaggeration to say that a holiday home in Lugano is the ideal choice, whatever the time of year. In fact, the city offers its guests both the more typical aspects of a tourist destination and the dynamic features of an international, modern city with all of the facilities that make staying in a holiday home worthwhile.


For example, the calendar for the Exhibition Centre is always packed and every month offers those staying in a holiday home the possibility to visit international fairs and trade events on a host of different themes: from boats to building, to luxury tourism, used cars, the art of tattooing, and herbalism, plus an array of events that are held in different periods of the year and dedicated to the restaurant trade and to food and wine.


All of these are interesting things to factor in when choosing a holiday home. Even the cultural activities available in the city and throughout Ticino are numerous and guarantee those staying in a holiday home the possibility to fill 365 days of the year with exhibitions, concerts, theatre, festivals and events. We need only mention that there are more than 70 official museums in Ticino as well as nearly one hundred art galleries.


Numerous theatres offer those staying in Lugano a theatre season lasting from autumn and into spring, while in summer, there are many festivals and open-air events with jazz, classical music and pop. Lugano also has its own casino and a holiday home here is a great way to combine relaxation with fun.


The numerous restaurants in Lugano and the surrounding area are open all year round and this is another advantage to renting a holiday apartment here. In fact, it often happens that in many tourist destinations, the restaurants, bars, clubs and discos are only open during the tourist season and closed for the rest of the year, making the resort look like a ghost town.


Here in Lugano, city living is possible all year round and so a holiday apartment can be recommended whatever the season. This way, those tourists with a holiday home in Lugano who never quite manage to "switch off" completely, will feel especially at home.


On the other hand, tourists who go on holiday stressed and tired and wishing to spend a restful period in their holiday home, by choosing a holiday home in Ticino and being able to enjoy the use of a service apartment, will be able to relax totally and better than in a hotel as well as being spoilt for choice when it comes to golf or tennis, an afternoon at the Lido along the lake, a walk or a ride up in the stunning mountains, using the funicular railways and in the evening, back to the holiday apartment for a light dinner after a tiring day out in the open air, without the need to get dressed up for a restaurant. This too is another good reason for choosing one of our service apartments.


The changing seasons give the city a different, yet constantly fascinating appeal, appreciated by all those who choose to stay in Lugano. The colours and scents coming back to life in spring, the explosion of happiness and fun in summer, the enveloping atmosphere of autumn with its browns and russets, and the charm of winter with that magical, timeless atmosphere that is so typical of the streets in the city centre; there is no period that isn't perfect for staying in a holiday apartment in this splendid city.


So, enjoying a period of relaxation in a holiday home in Lugano is always the perfect choice whatever the time of year. The holiday apartments available at La Residenza are all ideal for your every holiday need. Comfort, security, hygiene and cleanliness, confidentiality, assistance and services are the main characteristics offered by La Residenza to those who wish to book a period in a holiday apartment, with a holiday home of the best quality guaranteed.


La Residenza is located in the beautiful district of Castagnola, one of the most pleasant areas in the city of Lugano, served by buses that take just 5 minutes from the city centre. A holiday apartment at La Residenza is a home from home, with the additional advantage of careful, attentive services. The residence has a special agreement for breakfasts with the next-door patisserie, Florean which serves products of the highest quality. There are 37 apartments available as holiday rentals.


Many service apartments have been recently renovated and fitted with kitchenettes, and all of the apartments will gradually be fitted out this way.


The holiday apartment block is situated in such a way that some of the rooms enjoy wonderful panoramic views over Lake Lugano, which is very nearby, since La Residenza is located in the second row of buildings, from the shores of the lake. Holiday apartments can include cots and, subsequent to agreement with the Management, dogs and cats are accepted.


Common areas are cleaned daily, while bed linen and bath towels are changed every week. All services are included in the rental price (see rates) and therefore, a far better deal than any other holiday home.


La Residenza also offers the same services as the ones available to other customers renting an apartment, such as the laundry - which also has a dryer - vending machine with coffee, beverages and sandwiches and a daily concierge service. La Residenza also has a 24-hour assistance service for emergencies and urgent problems.


Renting a holiday apartment with us, here in Lugano means having a comfortable room with bathroom and if necessary, a kitchenette for independent meals. All with the utmost discretion.


At "La Residenza" privacy is of the utmost importance and our presence is always discreet. Staying with us is also the best way to experience the city. Just going into the street is enough to get you immersed in life at Lugano, morning or evening.


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